Thursday, 8 March 2012

Polly & Pippa the Pillow Dolls

You may have seen earlier in the week my attempt at Lisa Tilse's "Frankie" Pillow Doll (as seen in Australian Homespun Magazine) who I named Polly, as I mentioned I have to make 2 because of my impending twin girls! Everything in double! Thought I would show you the finished product of the 2nd doll who we've dubbed Pippa. Let me know what you think? I think my girls will love them!


  1. Oh my gosh Katie!! These are just adorable, they look even better together! Your daughters have got such a lovely Mummy, they are going to be such lucky girls :o) I might have to check out this Homespun magazine, maybe they have a website, I'd love to make up my own version of these beautiful pillow dolls too. Actually, while I was looking at the pics above, my 6 year old came to give me a kiss and cuddle goodnight and she said "ohhhhhh Mummy, can you make those dolls, pleeeeease, pleeeease, I want BOTH of them!!!???" Hahaha!!! So you there you go,you're beautiful dolls are a hit with 6 year old princesses, so you're 2 princesses who are on the way are super lucky girls to have these beautiful pillow dolls, you're very talented :o) xo

  2. Thanks Chryssie, very kind words! That's so cute your girls want 1 too! they are very easy to make & you can totally adapt them to make them your own! The Homespun Magazine is the most recent one out, so you should be able to find it at your local shop, it has a pattern in the back for the "Frankie" Doll, otherwise I didn't use the pattern I just made mine up as it's basically just a rectangular pillow with a face really!! good luck