Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bitty Booties & Sock Dolls - by Heather Bailey

Found this gorgeous pattern for bitty baby booties on fabric designer Heather Bailey's blog. To download her pattern click HERE.
Also from Heather's pattern collection I LOVE this Betty Boo Sock Doll! The clever thing about it is most of the parts are made of socks, so you can go to the store & buy some interesting patterned or brightly coloured socks to make your own doll, or you could riffle through your old sock cupboard if you are that way inclined! The pattern is for a bat doll but you could make it whatever you want really! change the felt wings to bird wings! get creative. Download the pattern HERE

Monday, 27 February 2012

Adore the Sweetie Petites

Meet the Sweetie Petites!
Designed by Sydney artist Lisa Tilse of The Red Thread
Sweetie Petites doll kits contain all you need to make a Sweetie and their little friend: printed fabric panels, stuffing, ribbon loops & sewing instructions!
The design of these little cuties has been influenced by vintage & Japanese kawaii styles.
To purchase hit The Red Thread SHOP here, plus check out some of her other cute sewing kits!

Australian Homespun Magazine

Discovered this gorgeous sewing mag on the wkend.
Has some beautiful quilts (way out of my league!!) and plenty of cute projects!

Also this gorgeous project "Frankie" going to try my hand at it for my twin girls by making them little girl versions of it! I will be sure to do a post of my attempt down the track!!

Learning to Sew???....

Some friends of mine have asked me to write a post about learning to sew. I myself was taught the basics from my mother, and the rest I learnt as I went along (with a lot of mistakes!!!!) I first started sewing clothing pieces when I was in high school, I never used a pattern as I find them really hard to understand most of the time!…..but at the time I really enjoyed the experimental process of seeing what worked & what didn’t.

Since sewing clothing I have moved into a love of quilts. My mother was a quilter, both my grandmothers are & a number of my Aunties are also in the quilting “business” so to speak. I become more interested in quilting as I got older & found there were plentiful babies coming into the world around me that I could sew beautiful quilts for, I made them as home made gifts which mum & bub can treasure forever. My quilts are not “fancy” in anyway, I believe in plain, simple & wholesome design & I know if I attempted a more difficult quilt with intricate patterns & designs I would never get it finished! So all my quilts are basically just squares or triangles! Very easy but just as beautiful in my opinion! Anyone can do it!

My first quilts were a bit of a mess, again I took on the notion that I will just sew it on my own without learning the basics & I’m sure I can figure it out!!….because I didn’t learn the basics I found them more difficult then I thought & I did things the long & hard way with the results being very “home made” looking……Then I found a beautiful book on quilting & decided to just read the basics! Sure enough I found AMAZING easier ways of doing things which made MUCH better sense then the way I was doing it!! So it really does pay to learn the basics & do find books or online tutorial’s on the things you want to make!! There are so many things online for you to discover and plenty of websites & blogs willing to give out easy instructions & patterns.

I just did a bit of research to see what sewing blogs I could find that might help beginners. These are my favourites:

The in's & out's of basic sewing

Very cute blog filled with tutorials, crafts for kids, & some great links to fabrics sites!
Also check out their top 100 tutorials! SO many fun things in HERE!

Has some great little projects for beginner sewers on here

Or if you are more of a book person try these:

This is the book I read when I started making quilts, really inspirational!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Robert Faufman Fabrics

So delicious I could eat them!!
Check out Print & Pattern for Robert Faufman's latest fabric collection HERE!

"Quilt Blocks" By Ellen Luckett Baker

Just came across these gorgeous new fabrics by Ellen Luckett Baker for Moda Fabrics. I'm in love! Available online from April 12 at: The Long Thread

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Found a very easy tutorial on you tube for tissue paper Pom Poms!
Made these for my Baby Shower
You can find the tutorial here:
Just a few notes with how I did it, instead of using ribbon or florists wire to tie the pom poms in the middle I purchased a pack of pipe cleaners! I fashioned a loop with the wire before attaching that way when I'm ready to hang later there is a ready made loop in my pipe cleaner for attachment of clear string or fishing line!
Will post more photos soon after the baby shower to show you the final look!!

Flag Bunting

Made this adorable flag bunting for my Baby Shower coming up soon.
SO easy to make, you just need a selection of your fav fabrics, some bias binding & a sewing machine!

Some Old Projects from the Archives!

Was going through my old photos & came across some of my older projects, wanted to share some of the photos!!
This was the first quilt I completed!
These were some quilts I made for friends babies
Willow's Quilt

 Bella's Quilt
 Rico's Quilt
Just some more little projects I experimented with:

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Velvet Ottoman

Just finished making this Indian inspired ottoman for my twins nursery!

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