Thursday, 29 March 2012

DIY Fabric Ottoman

I recently bought a cheap $25 brown faux leather cube Ottoman from "Sam's Warehouse" with the intent of "sprucing" it up for my baby nursery. Here is the Ottoman's "Make Over" below


I used a cute Orange check Gingham for the top piece & used a Turquoise floral for the sides, I first measured all the sides of my Ottoman and cut pieces to match ensuring I left extra for the seams PLUS quite a few extra inches in length at the bottom for folding the fabric under & stapling it to the base.

I then sewed my turquoise sides together first, and slipped it onto my Ottoman to check if I had sewed the seams in enough, I found it to be a bit loose, so I just ran the seams in a tad more to ensure that snug fit

Then I pinned the square piece for the top, it's a bit tricky in the corners, but try to line the tip of your corner to the corner of the bottom piece, don't worry if there is a few puckers, it seems to turn out ok once you flip it inside out!

After I pinned my top square I did a quick try back on the Ottoman to ensure it was going to fit before I sewed it

Once sewed I pressed all my seams & started to slip it over my Ottoman to see an ugly ducking become a pretty swan!

Lastly we need to turn it over & using a industrial staple gun pull our fabric sides down nice & firm so there are no wrinkles & staple your fabric into the timber frame of the base.

The finished product sitting pretty with my nursery chair!

I added a cute contrasting stitch to the top square before sewing it together.

I really love orange & turquoise! what a lovely colour combo!

Such an easy way to make a beautiful piece of furniture that is functional, unique & doesn't break the bank like alot of Ottomans I've seen on the market.
Would love to hear comments about my Ottoman & if you will give it a try yourself?

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  1. so cute!! im inspired to get creative!