Monday, 12 March 2012

Oversized Cross Stitch

I recently discovered an artist Jessica Decker making gorgeous oversized cross stitch art. I decided to put the idea & use it to make a cushion.

Here is what I used & the steps I took to make my oversized cross stitch cushion.)
- Thread, I used this thread from Spotlight, you could use cross stitch thread or even tapestry threads
- A fabric marker
- 0.5 meter of cushion fabric - I used a natural linen (you could use ANYTHING you want)
- Some fringing - you could go with or without the fringing as it's a bit tricker
1) Mark your grid out using a fabric marker, mine were about 1 inch wide
2) Complete the grid
3) Draw out your rough design, I did a heart
4) Thread your needle
5) Start sewing your oversize cross stitch
6) The heart shape coming into place
7) Once your pattern is sewn in, you need to wet your fabric fully in order to wash your fabric marker off
8) Dry & Iron your fabric
9) Make your backing for the pillow, I used 2 pieces to make an envelope design
10) Sew your envelope backing on the edges to hold in place
11) Place your fringing on the inside of the pillow (remember to face all your good sides inside as we will turn it inside out later)
12) Pin in place in preparation for sewing
13) Sew all around your edges to make your square cushion
14) Trim your corners (as it will make it easier to get a pointed corner when you turn inside out later)
15) Turn your cushion cover inside out
16) The results minus a cushion insert
The final result


  1. Very cute. I like this!
    Hanz x

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! So simple and so effective. I'm even thinking about giving to my 10 year old to make an attempt, she's done cross stitch before so I'm sure she'd have no problem doing large cross stitch if I map it all out for her, then I'll sew the cushion part once she's done :o) Thanks for sharing Katie, love it!! :o) x

  3. Another hint is you can use a large check fabric and then you don't need to even rule out your grid you can just use the check pattern as the squares!