Sunday, 18 March 2012

Baby Quilt 2 COMPLETE!!

After getting a little bit distracted making pillow dolls & cushions I've finally come back to my 2nd baby girl quilt & have finally finished it!! what a relief!! Check out some photos below of the finished product, let me know what you think??
 The 2 finished baby quilts together! I hope my twins will cherish them forever!
Some full length shots of the 2 quilts.
Both very different in colour, I didn't want them to be "matchy matchy" as both my girls will be individuals!


  1. Gorgeous! Love them :).

  2. Oh these are absolutely gorgeous! They are so bright and beautiful :o) On another note, I especially love what you said about your girls being individuals, that's just beautiful too, you're going to be an amazing Mummy :o) xo