Saturday, 3 March 2012

Pillow Dolls

So as per my post last week with the cute "Frankie" pillow doll I saw in Homespun Magazine, I have come up with my own girl version! she's a bit different in a few ways as I wanted to make her unique! I've done this first one & plan to do a 2nd blonde haired one (1 of each of my twins) Will make sure I post more photos of the 2nd Pillow Doll when she's finished!
Let me know what you think, leave a comment!


  1. Hi Katie, I brought some quilting books a little while ago! And they have just been sitting there for months... But you have inspired me! To the point where I am actually searching for my first ever sewing machine... But I am so confused??There's so many! I'm thinking I would only need a basic one? Is there anyone in particular that you would recommend?

  2. Hi Cherry,
    There are heaps of great machines out there on the market, I'm not really a machine "guru" but I can just tell you what I've used before. I currently have a Brother, I've used a Janome (my mum's) and both are really good top of the market machines. My friend uses a Singer & loves hers. The more you pay for the machine the more easier it will be to use. So it just depends on your budget. If you just pick up a really simple sewer for a couple hundred (or less) it will be great for simple projects. If you intend to try your hand at quilting I would get something a tad more advanced purely because of the quilting aspect (when you sew your front, back & wadding together because of the thickness you will find a small simple machine more difficult to use in order to feed the thick quilt through)
    My Brother was $600 and I also got a special quilting foot that goes with it for quilting...but you don't necessarily need that special foot. Good luck on your hunt!

  3. Awesome! Thankyou! I have decided on a Janome MS5027LE. It's just a basic one with just a few little extras. Heaps excited.. Eepppp hopefully I can create something a little bit special! I'll let you know how I go. Thanks again :)

  4. Nice choice! be sure to upload any of your creations to my Sweet Mary Photo sharing stream, you will find it in the right hand column of the blog! Would love to see what everyone else is up to!

  5. Hi Katie,
    Your feminine version of the Frankie cushion looks fantastic. We'd love you to email them both to us when you're finished for possible inclusion in our Readers' Showcase pages.
    Deputy editor, Homespun

  6. Hi Elizabeth,
    THANK YOU so much for your kind words! I would absolutely love to be considered for possible inclusion in the mag! I'm working on the 2nd doll so I should have her done over the next week! Will send you an e-mail with photos then!
    Thanks alot for checking out my blog