Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Join the Owl Revolution!

I've been obsessed with Owl's for as long as I can remember! In one of my original posts I featured my Mr Hooty Hoot Owl that I made for a customer. See a pic of him below:
I recently had a request for the pattern for him, so I posted a link to a rough pattern (very rough). Well I'm very happy to say one of my blog readers has made her own version & I just wanted to share it with everyone as I think she's gorgeous & has a personality of her own.
Thanks Chryssie for sharing the photo with us of your owl!

Here is some more "Owlspiration" - join the Owl Revlotion & make your own version! We'd love to see so if you have any photos please add them to the Sweet Mary Flickr Group or e-mail them to: sweetmary@live.com.au

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