Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Recycled Fabric Bunny Softie

There seems to be a huge demand and popularity at the moment for simplistic but beautiful hand made toys. The more basic & the more hand made they look the more popular they seem to be! They remind me of times gone by when these were the only toys that kids used to have.

I've made my own cute Bunny Softie below from 100% recycled materials. All of the fabrics & knits are sourced from a local second hand store, I've washed & treated them so they smell beautiful & fresh again. The great thing about recycled fabrics is they are always softer then brand new.

Little Bunny has a soft pink knitted tummy which used to be a cardigan, the checked ears & legs are made from a men's vintage shirt, the head & arms are made from a pair of girls grey tights.

Let me know what you think?!

*Please be careful using buttons on children's toys, ensure the button is stitched very well & always supervisor your young ones when they play with buttoned toys

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