Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Two Owls for Two Little Girls

You know I love Owls! Here are my 2 little Owls ready & awaiting the arrival of my twin girls who will be here within the next 2 weeks! I've used contrasting fabrics for the face, wings & breast, rick-rack around the centre & felt for the eye pieces. Decided to make one a sleepy little Owl & the other a happy chirpy Owl!


  1. Hello Katie!
    Paula Alice from has given me the Leibster award and as per the rules I am passing it on to 5 of my favourite are one of them!!!!
    I really enjoy reading your blog, it has such gorgeous pictures and crafts!Plus you are having twins, I always feel a sort of kinship with other parents of twins!!
    If you wish to accept this award (I hope you do!!!!) here is the link to my post. where you can find out all about it and what you need to do.
    Kind Regards,

  2. These are absolutely beautiful - I want them!