Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My Completed Nursery

Hi everyone!
This will be my last post for a while!! I'm 37 weeks today & our little chickens will be coming into the world any day now!

As promised here are the final photos of my completed baby nursery! Hope you enjoy & would love to hear everyone's comments!

Looking forward to continuing the Sweet Mary Blog very soon!

Handmade items: Ottoman & Quilt
Cushion from

Handmade items: Quilt, all cushions & mobile

Handmade items: Mobile
Art works: Some original designs by my sister Kimmy Hogan & some art work from Etsy

Homemade cushions & doll

Homemade items: Quilt, Bambi Cushion, Birdie Pillow, x 2 Owls

Homemade items: Pillow Doll, Geometric Cushion & Mobile
Artworks: All designs by my sister Kimmy Hogan

 Me at 37 Weeks

My precious Pug Ruby checking out the teddy bears


  1. So beautiful! What lucky girls. You will make a great mum.

  2. Your nursery is so full of love with all your hand made toys and decorations. How lucky that your two little girls have such a beautiful mummy!