Monday, 23 April 2012

The last things I'll sew..........for a while!

Hi Everyone
Just putting up some of the last things I'll sew for a while!

I'm 37 weeks this week with my twins & we are very excited to be bringing them into the world within the week! I've made a few last things for the nursery before packing away my sewing machine for a bit of a break, although I'm not sure how much of a break I'll be getting with 2 newborn babies coming into our world!!

Hoping after things calm down a little bit I'll be back on the Sweet Mary Blog sometime down the track!

Geometric Triangle Cushion
Geometric triangles appear to be right on trend at the moment, so I made this cushion using muted pastel colours for the girls nursery.

Bow Cushion 
Wanted to add a bit of a different dimension with a different shaped cushion, so I designed this long rectangular shape cushion out of a taupe & white check gingham & added a cranberry bow made from felt.

Customised "L" Laundry Bag
I bought this cute simple laundry bag from Sam's Warehouse for next to nothing, I've just added a simple navy & white polka dot "L" for Laundry to it. Very easy, inexpensive & unique!

Hoping to do another post this week with the final photos of my completed nursery so stay tuned for that post!!!

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  1. I adore the geometric cushion! Good luck with the arrival of your twins :-).